Growth and Income Portfolios

At Integritas Wealth Partners we understand that choosing how to invest your money can seem daunting.  As an appointed adviser of St. James’s Place International, we are able to provide investment advice to our clients across a range of risk-related Growth and Income Portfolios. Applying the distinctive St. James’s Place Investment Management Approach, these portfolios are created from an exclusive series of funds designed to help investors aiming to achieve their financial objectives.

The Portfolios are a collaboration of funds, that St. James’s Place have made available to their clients and have been carefully structured so that each of the combinations reflect the stated objective and risk profile. They are not automatically rebalanced and the information contained on the factsheets replicates how each of the portfolios have performed, based on the underlying funds changing at each evaluation. To obtain the same or similar performance, clients would have to realign their portfolio each time an evaluation is announced.

Growth Portfolios

The Growth Portfolios are designed for investors aiming to grow their capital and who are seeking to increase the value of their wealth over the medium to long term. These portfolios are suitable for those investing for the future, aiming to protect their capital against inflation, saving for retirement or to help meet future liabilities such as tuition fees. There are six Growth Portfolios, each with differing levels of risk.

Income Portfolios

The Income Portfolios are designed to provide an attractive and sustainable level of income. These portfolios are appropriate for investors who are aiming to generate additional income to supplement their current income or for income in their retirement. There are three Income Portfolios with low, medium and higher risk. The higher risk portfolio will not necessarily provide a greater level of income but has increased potential for rising income and capital growth over the medium to long term.

For more information about St. James’s Place’s Growth and Income Portfolios, or for a review of your existing investment plans, please contact us.

The value of your investments will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount invested.

Equities do not provide the security of capital associated with a deposit account with a bank or building society.