Cash Management

We understand the hassle and time required to continually research the best bank accounts, and to open, close and maintain multiple accounts with the aim of maximising the interest rate you achieve on your cash. Integritas Wealth Partners can introduce you to a simple, convenient and innovative solution to these problems, provided by Flagstone.

Flagstone provides an online cash management portal that enables you to manage your cash deposits across a panel of more than 20 provider banks and hundreds of different deposit accounts at the push of a button. You only need to complete one application with Flagstone and then no further paperwork is required to switch between banks. You can use the portal to help maximise interest rates or to minimise risk by diversifying deposits across a number of banks, managing Financial Services Compensation Scheme limits.

This cash management service is available through Flagstone to:

  • Clients with a minimum of £250,000 cash to deposit
  • Private individuals
  • Business clients
  • Charity clients
  • Pensions
  • Trust Account

Please contact us for further information.