Integritas Charitable Trust

Integritas Wealth Partners aspires to be a leader in contributing to the local community. In addition to our work in the community which has included volunteering, sponsoring local organisations and regular fundraising for local charities, the company has made charitable giving an important part of the culture of the business from its incorporation in 2017. From 2017 to 2022 the firm supported local charities through charities of the year and raised and donated over £12,500 in these early years for the fledgling firm.

In 2023 the Integritas Charitable Trust was established to enable all the stakeholders of the company; the team, clients, partners and community we work in, to have a say in the charitable work we do with the purpose of providing charitable grants to the community. The Trust opens for grant applications in two periods each year.

Charity of the Year

JSPCA Animal’s Shelter

£1,628.86 raised in 2019


£2,824.00 raised in 2020

Healing Waves

£2,011.51 raised in 2021

Jersey Women's Refuge

£2,011.51 raised in 2021

Variety club of Jersey

£2,000.00 raised in 2022

Bailiff’s Island Appeal

£1,000.00 raised in 2022

How we raise money

Our funds are primarily raised through the generosity, time and effort of the Integritas Wealth Partners community.

You can support the Integritas Charitable Trust by following the below link to make a donation:

Apply for a Grant

The Trust is now open for Grant Applications until 31st March 2024. The Trust is looking to make grants of up to £2,000 in April 2024 and is accepting applications from charities for the purpose of Providing Opportunities for the Next Generation in this application period.

Integritas Charitable Trust is a Jersey registered charity with Jersey Charity Number 474.